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Robert Power

ISBN: 978-1-921924-91-0

Trade PB 336p


Publication: 1 November 2015

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Nestled on a windswept coastline, life in Tidetown is quiet and assured. But after a mysterious and mystical black-skinned slave is shipwrecked on its shores time-honoured traditions are unsettled. As events unravel the unfinished business of the barbaric Fishcutter murder comes back to haunt the townsfolk and the unforgettable twins, Perch and Carp, return.

In the wider world, rumours of wars, disease and corruption endanger the livelihood and the very existence of this sleepy town. Will Mayor Bruin provide a vision for the future? Can the monks on the Island of Good Hope offer salvation in a time when faith is tested? Can Judge Omega keep evil at bay?

All the while, Oscar Flowers, free from his Tidetown childhood, is on his own adventurous quest in lands beyond the sea: a pilgrim's progress striving for home and purpose, and in search of what it means to be a man.

In Robert Power's masterful third novel, Mrs April, Brother Moses, Oscar and other much-loved characters that first appeared in the magical In Search of the Blue Tiger reconnect in an unexpected and mesmerising tale of adventure and spirit.

Praise for Robert Power's writing

'An assured storyteller.' Australian Book Review

'Psychologically astute, original and whimsical.' Felicity Plunkett, Canberra Times

'Dark and beautiful.' Claire Kennedy, Herald Sun



Robert Power is the author of In Search of the Blue Tiger, The Swan Song of Doctor Malloy and Meatloaf in Manhattan. He has worked in HIV prevention for many years, travelling to all continents and appearing in all media, both here and abroad. Born in Dublin, Robert now lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and his youngest son.



That Devil's Madness

Dominique Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-921924-98-9

Trade PB 352pp

RRP: $29.95

Publication date: 1 February 2016



In 1896 Louis and his father, seduced by the allure of North Africa, travel to Algeria in search of a better life. There, Louis befriends Imez, a Berber boy, and the two become firm friends. They grow and prosper, and become like brothers.

Years later, Nicolette, an Australian photojournalist, is drawn to cover the illness and eventual death of Algerian President Boumedienne. She sees it as an opportunity to follow in her grandfather's footsteps, make her mark, and restore the bonds of the past. But the rules have changed - will the bonds that once existed be sufficient for her to survive?

That Devil's Madness tells of the often heart-rending tensions that exist between idealism and duty, between friendship and loyalty to one's country - of the struggle for freedom, dignity and respect. Dramatic, honest and shockingly relevant to today's world situation, the novel is driven by finely crafted characters, exquisite prose and razor-sharp drama and mystery.


Praise for That Devil's Madness

A kind of Quiet American set in Algiers: a unique, densely tactile novel in which the various strands of story-DNA - part multi-generational family saga, part Greene-land war-zone, part Camus-like moral maze - entwine with the DNA of its characters - pieds noirs, Berbers, Australians - in a formal, satisfying helix.

Peter Goldsworthy, author of Maestro, Three Dog Night and His Stupid Boyhood




Dominique Wilson was born in Algiers to French parents. She grew up in a country torn by civil war, until she and her family fled to Australia. She is the author of The Yellow Papers, a novel published by Transit Lounge in 2014 and her short stories have been published nationally and read on ABC Radio. She was founding co-managing editor of Wet Ink: the magazine of new writing, and Chair of the Adelaide branch of International PEN. Dominique holds a Masters and a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide. More at:



Road Series

Hugo Race

ISBN: 978-0-9943958-0-1

Trade PB 368pp

RRP: $29.95

Publication date: 1 March 2016



Road Series is both love story and elegy, a true and revealing tale. Renowned musician Hugo Race’s evocations of Melbourne, Europe and the USA, Berlin and Eastern Europe, Italy, Brazil and Mali and Africa are poetic and searching , always incisive and exquisitely written. While the idea of being a global citizen is explored as a creative force for the artist, this is ultimately a book that is grounded in the rich possibilities of the everyday. Music and travel collide and coalesce, and the reader is given rare insights into what it means to devote one's life  to the musical journey, to traverse the world in search of true spirit. While Road Series parallels Kerouac's journey of 'battered suitcases' and 'longer ways to go' it also wonderfully bears witness to his realisation that 'the road is life'.

Praise for Road Series

Rollicking and lilting, Hugo Race’s vagabond road-poem does not read like a typical rock star’s memoir - the obligatory nostalgia, the fondly remembered tales of excess though Race was no stranger to excess. Rather, those qualities which made him a cerebral musician, always seeking the borderlands and beyond, are harnessed in Road Series into an insightful account of a restless life on the road, on the move, across decades and continents, from the Melbourne punk scene of the early 1980s to - quite literally - Timbuktu.

Luke Daviess, author of Candy and God of Speed

Hugo writes with a unique voice and the insights of one in the middle of the maelstrom.

Mick Harvey




Hugo Race is a prolific performer, musician, writer and producer. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Hugo’s creative journey has given him ‘world citizen’ status, having lived and worked as an independent artist over the course of the last 20 years in Africa,  Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the USA. Hugo defies any easy label and has staked out a creative territory totally his own between rock, experimental and psychedelic. He currently divides his time between Australia and Italy.

More at: www.hugoracemusic.com




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